Oil BDV Test Set

Oil BDV Test set is helpful to test Dielectric Strength of insulating oil of Transformers and Circuit Breakers. The most important function of insulating oil is to provide electrical insulation under high electrical potential. The dielectric strength of insulating oil is a measure of the oils's ability to withstand electrical stress without failure. Any significant reduction in the dielectric strength will indicate that the oil is no longer able to perform this vital function, and could lead to failure of equipment. We had designed three different models, 60KV/80KV/100KV - all the motorized operated type.

Primary Injection Test Set

The Primary injection Test set is useful for Testing of Cts, Relays and Tripping Circuits performance as High current injector, high current source. Also useful for testing of Bus Bar, MCBs, MCCBs, etc. These sets are also useful for commissioning of performance of high current panels as well commissioning of protection system after repair in power substation. Some of application are of this instrument is to test the overhead cable for temperature elongation test. They could be designed for single phase supply as well three phase supply as per request. Also they could construct in single unit or multiple unit for easy handling as per capacity and necessity.

High Voltage Test Set (AC/DC)

Our High Voltage Test set is useful for testing a high voltage withstand capacity for any insulation level in electrical or electronic systems. This is done by applying high voltage to the insulation of the equipment and measuring the resulting leakage current flowing through its insulation. The high voltage applied is much higher than the normal working voltage of the equipment. After applying high voltage, leakage current is sensed by very precise electronic circuit for tripping level control. If the leakage current is exceeded the set value than at the same instant it gives the signal to trip the High Voltage Output.

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